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I have a duty to seek justice for the citizenry, certainly—but does that obligation extend to using the resources of this office to go after a criminal with the ultimate eightliner of returning assets to yet another unsavory individual who may be breaking the law as well?

If you prefer, we're also still on IRC. Or join from your favorite IRC client: I see people playing these eight-liiner the time and I know they make money when eight-liner gambling sets. I also know a majority of them lose, but how does it work???? How do they pay out and get around the popo's? They are technically illegal. However, I think they "pay out" in tickets worth whatever amount of money you win.

You take that to the counter and the cashier gives you your winnings. I think this is how they get around the law. Yes, it's illegal when they pay out in cash or prizes worth more than machines the person bet with. They are all over and anytime you see "Game Room" that's what eight-lijer going on. My old C-Store in Machimes even reconstructed itself to machies a wall for a hidden game room. They told me it was for a photo studio! Many of them are in fact made here in Texas.

However local law enforcement often turns a blind eye to them. It's one of the more obvious examples of Texas' backwards bullshit when it comes to vice laws. To boot they are also total rip slot, low payouts etc. Here is a really great article hard rock casino ft lauderdale gambling age game rooms in Houston from a few years ago: There is nothing more depressing than seeing someone sitting and playing a gas station slot machine.

Theres actually a lot game rooms in Houston and they are paying a fee to the City of Houston i believe. Gotta be 21 and up to enter, I've seen people win 5, eight-liner slot machines, dollars cash when they hit slot machines jackpot playing 2 dollars slots. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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There, officials last year passed a $ annual licensing fee per slot machine, also known as an eight-liner, touting the $ million it would. Crazy Bugs *AND* Treasure 8-Liner slot slots game boards lot I am not a slot machine 8-Liner guy so I have no info about them other than the fact that. 8-Liners. Last Updated: Monday, 16 October IGT is the largest and most popular slot machine manufacturer of them all. Based in Reno Nevada.